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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I’m a mosaicist and I work at home in Bristol and in my workshop when we’re in France.  I make unique and unusual pieces and I hope there is something here to make you smile.


My inspiration can come from anywhere; I often find myself noticing something – a view, a tree, people, pets, birds, a pattern, colours, shapes ….  So the environment generally is a constant source of ideas.  


I can be inspired by a gesture, a look, someone’s posture, an expression, a movement, a flower, a leaf….

Recently I’ve created some tile designs since seeing Roman and Mexican ceramics.


I like to create a sense of perspective in my mosaic pictures – to draw the eye in.  This also helps to give the impression of movement – or stillness.  And if what you see causes you to smile, then I feel I’m, in part at least, successful!

Wall panels and pictures

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Occasional/Garden Tables

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Table  mats & decorative tiles

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Decorative flower pots

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House names & numbers

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