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I have spent my professional life teaching, counselling and training.  Drawing, painting and sewing have always been important to me as ways of relaxing from the tensions this work has entailed.


I have long been attracted to mosaics, and on a chance visit to Briare  - a sweet little town on the Loire – I found there is a  ceramics factory which throws its unwanted tiles out into the land behind.  With a little time and effort I could pick up bags of these tiles and this is what I started with.

I now show at art festivals and trails in France and the UK.  I am delighted to find that people like my work enough to buy my pieces, and am particularly pleased when I am asked to make a piece on commission.


A recent development for me has been offering introductory courses in mosaics. If you would like to try yourself, or if you would like to offer lessons as a present for a friend or relation, please click here to get in touch.

Frankie at Briare

Although making the mosaics takes up a lot of my time, I have not let it stop my other activities.  


I am still an active counsellor, working mainly with young people and with couples. View Website


I sing with the Bristol Choral Society. View Website


I play the cello with amateur orchestras and chamber music groups. View Website

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