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A chicken with attitude!


A friend wanted to give her daughter this picture as a reminder of family holidays on the Norfolk coast.

I found these sewing machine legs in a junk shop.  This is the biggest mosaic I've attempted (so far).  I'm pleased with the varied shapes and colours of the leaves

This mosaic formed part of a collective work made for the 2013 Parisot exhibition.  I chose these images to reflect a traditional local industry

A commission by a visitor to the October 2012 exhibition.  Ganesh was for his mother.  He wanted this for himself

A visitor to the October 2012 exhibition had seen my work the year before.  He asked me to do this as a Christmas present for his mother.  Quite a challenge!

This is one of several tables and pictures I've done of sheep.  After seeing this I was asked to make a similar table top featuring elephants

My daughter's cat looking out of her kitchen window

I started making small pictures, then larger panels, mirror surrounds and table tops.   I enjoy creating pictures of flowers, birds and animals, and have recently branched out with leaves, people in landscapes and - a recent challenge - Hindu gods.


I use tile cutters to make the shapes I want.  The base is usually marine plywood, which means that my mosaics are more or less weatherproof (though I wouldn't advise leaving them outside in a hard frost).

Leaves top Monty

My friend Jill had seen a mosaic picture of a dog at an exhibition of work from Pompei.  She asked me to make a similar mosaic - but featuring her dog, Monty

Lizard Number 3 Petals Paua Mirror Sheep panel

I made this for a friend who shares my love of sheep

I was asked to make a panel with colours to match a newly decorated bathroom.  She chose the shape and colours.

Making a mosaic of Paua Shell was a real challenge.  I love the colours and lustre.